Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Smaller Savings Add up

Its always the smaller Savings which add up. when I mean small savings, its about putting those smaller amounts in a place, where, it will grow up to be a larger value.

Was reading this article on Quora and I thought that I should be sharing it.

1) Small purchases add up. In the place where I live, a coffee will cost about $4. Drink a coffee every day and you are dropping well over $1,000 a year on your coffee habit. That's the price of a vacation to a foreign country or a couple tailored suits. Make the coffee at home and save BIG!
2) The true cost is not what you paid today, it's what you give up in the future. I can spend $1,000 on coffee this year. Or, I could put that $1K in an S&P index fund and let it sit till I retire. If I could have earned say 8% annual returns and plan to retire 30 years later, my coffee habit this year reduced my retirement by $10,000.
Understand these basic concepts and you'll be able to to become much wealthier by making some simple, small changes to your life.


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