Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cost of Appliances

We all know that each of the appliances/Gadgets/Vehicles that we use comes at a cost. The TV, the bike, the car and most importantly the mobile. Whats more important in today's world is the cost of replacing them regularly, with the advent of new models or features. Yes, we all love the new stuff and always love to do the shopping. But it only means we are spending more. Not that spending is bad for the economy, but I would prefer one self to use the money carefully.
Lets talk in terms of examples -
A specific mobile phone costs 12000/- INR. And you use it for 12 months. Which simply means that the cost of owning this mobile has been 1000/- per month. (The other cost being the variable cost of your mobile service bill, and I would leave that out in this discussion. )
Now, most people replace mobile based on their habits. Some in 6 months, some in 12 and some around 1.5 to 2 years time frame. Its not necessary that the mobile has stopped working, its only that one gets a tickling to buy a new one.
So the cost of mobile for a person using it for 6 months would be 2000 per month while that for one using it for 2 years would be 500/- per month. For every additional month that you use your new mobile, you will be paying a little less per month. Isnt that a great saving? There will always be new ones coming with fancy features. The trick lies in finding it, whether you really need it or its just for buying something new that one just swipes the card.
The similar habits applies for cars and bikes and so on for TV sets.
Just use them one more month.. at a time ..


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