Friday, April 27, 2012

1 Crore on Retirement

I have been getting some emails from some insurance companies asking me to invest into some of their funds/plans and become a crorepati when you retire.
First, I don't like to rely on insurance companies which sell ULIP only to gain the commissions to give you promises especially for your retirement fund.

The ULIP and mutual funds give the returns only on market conditions. Market goes up, you get a good return and goes down.. you know what that means. This is acceptable, when you can afford to take risks, but wouldn't be the only investment for my retirement plan. I would like to invest a bigger portion in debt funds when it comes to retirement, than on equity funds.

The given ad, said, invest 8000 per month and earn 1 crore. But do these people give guarantee on the returns. The disclaimer is always present there, that the returns are subject to market conditions.

Let's say, you invest 8000 per month in a FD and lets say, you still have 30 years of your working life. A simple FD with a 8% return would give you 11,745,213/-(1 crore 17 lakhs ) Offcourse, we will not always have 8% as the interest , it can come down or go up, but still an average of 8% is quite reliable over a long period of time. A simple investment of 8000 per month can do this wonders, why take the additional risk of market equity.
Nothing stopping you from taking risks, but its all based on your target's you want to achieve for your retirement.

Few examples of FD returns
30 years  5000 per month    73 lakhs after 30 years at 8% compounded annually
25 years  10000 per month   95 lakhs after 25 years at 8% compounded annually
25 years  10000 per month   1.29 Crore after 25 years at 10% compounded annually

FD's are something, which are guaranteed income, and the even in the worst of cases, there is no loss.

Before I conclude, couple of points

  1.  FD's will never be able to make up for Inflation. But it will be a secured amount when you need it.
  2. The interest earned on the FD's are taxable depending upon your tax slab.


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