Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sensex at 21000

On the Diwali day, during Mahurat trading session sensex touched an all time high and now is at 21004 level.
Now this is a great news, but at the same time one needs to be pretty sure as to whether to enter the markets at these levels or no. Many TV channels would give you different perspectives of the same. But one needs to remember that at the end of the day its your money.

From my perspective, one shouldnt enter the markets now atleast for a week or so. See whats the trend in the market especially in the next week and only then should take a call.
If one really wants to invest, then chose the solid stocks like TCS, Titan SBI etc which are very strong. Or can chose the Mutual Fund route. I would opt ONLY for the Mutual Fund at these level.

Happy investing and happy Diwali


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